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The Old Lady & The Sea

Shoshi, a reclusive 83-year-old woman, finds her carefully guarded isolation shattered by the disruptive renovations in her apartment block. An old photograph from her youth, depicting a serene moment by the sea, becomes the catalyst for Shoshi's journey back into the world she left behind.

As Shoshi ventures outside, she encounters a modern society vastly different from the one she remembers. The once-idyllic beach has transformed into a cacophony of noise and plastic waste, a stark contrast to her memories. Undeterred, Shoshi enters the water, seeking solace and a connection with nature. Her swim becomes a metaphor for her own rebirth, and she finds rejuvenation in the healing embrace of the ocean.

However, tragedy strikes as Shoshi's quest takes an unexpected turn, and she becomes entangled in a plastic bag. As she sinks beneath the surface, the underwater graveyard of single-use plastics highlights the dire consequences of humanity's disregard for the environment.

"Shoshi & the Sea" is a poignant exploration of Shoshi's journey to rediscover her identity and connect with nature. It highlights the transformative power of the ocean while serving as a cautionary tale about the consequences of environmental neglect. As Shoshi's personal story converges with the broader narrative of ecological fragility, the film evokes both sorrow and inspiration, leaving audiences with a heightened awareness of the interconnectedness between personal growth and the natural world.




Writer & Director: Amiel Kestenbaum

Production Company: Rogovin Brothers

With the support of: keren Makor Film Foundation (Israel), National Lottery (Israel)

Production Status: Pre-Production, Funding

Time: 10 min 

Country: Israel

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